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18 of the attendants at the12th Annual Downeast Ophthalmology Symposium, Bar Harbor, Maine were alumni of the Lancaster course (range class 1967 to class 2000)

Founded in 1946, the Lancaster Course in Ophthalmology is the oldest and largest ophthalmic educational course in the world designed for residents-in-training and practicing ophthalmologists. The course is the result of a unique educational partnership between Colby College and Harvard Medical School/Massachusetts Eye and Ear, and is used as a supplemental training resource by many teaching hospitals in the U.S. and abroad.

The seven week course provides contemporary and extensive coverage of the basic and clinical sciences in Ophthalmology, and includes an expansive syllabus. Faculty are selected for their expertise, clarity of presentation and ability to provide high-quality visual aids.  The course is lauded by students for its numerous hands-on laboratory sessions (pathology, optics, fluorescein angiography reading, ultrasound, gonioscopy, visual field interpretation, and 3-D anatomy labs). Both residents and practicing ophthalmologists who wish to focus on certain topics in ophthalmology are welcome to register for individual sections. Feedback from the prior year’s participants is closely evaluated and reflected in both faculty and syllabus changes.

The Lancaster Course is held in the summer on the beautiful Colby College campus in Waterville, Maine. Trainees and practicing ophthalmologists come from around the world to benefit from our outstanding faculty, networking opportunities, and congenial and relaxed environment. Truly an exceptional, one-of-a-kind learning experience!

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What our students had to say:

The Lancaster Course in Ophthalmology? A once in a lifetime experience for every young ophthalmologist! I really had a great summer in Maine at Colby College, made new friends from all over the world and learned so much! – Simon Koller, MD (Germany, Class 2012)

I was greatly impressed by attending the Lancaster course. It formulated my understanding in ophthalmic sciences and deeply enhanced my theoretical and clinical skills. The mix of comprehensive knowledge and enjoyment was superb. It was an honor to meet the outstanding lecturers who share with us their clinical expertise. I recommend Lancaster course for all my colleagues. – Rana Senawi, MD (Oman, Class 2010)

Incredible 3-D anatomy lecture.

Great lectures and experience with optics.

He was remarkable because of his enthusiasm during teaching.

Video clips were amazing.

Gonioscopy and visual field labs were great.

I really enjoyed the lens loading lab.

Great retina photos.

The 3D FA lab was one of the best labs in the course and helped me appreciate the depth of the pathology.

Excellent series, incredible teachers.

Really enjoyed the strabismus lectures.

Yes, the labs were great.  The 3D FA lab was one of the best labs in the course and helped me appreciate the depth of the pathology.

3D anatomy lecture was unique and helpful.

Understanding vergence and refraction was much easier after the Optics Lab

Dr. Morton’s anatomy presentation was absolutely fantastic.

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